Set of instruments for sustainable ECVET partnership in Beauty sector qualifications

Here you can found summary of VISION project experience while seeking to establish sustainable VET organizations network equipped with necessary knowledge, skills, tools and instruments for quality-assured geographical mobility implementation. It might be useful for those organizations and individuals who are seeking to organize geographical mobility within beauty sector qualifications following ECVET requirements as well as establish sustainable network between different organizations for quality-assured mobility implementation. Set of instruments includes the following content and is available in English, Lithuanian, Finish, Dutch and Italian languages:

  • International units of learning outcomes within beauty sector qualifications
  • Methodology to develop international units of learning outcomes for selected qualifications Description of assessments, validation and recognition criteria, methods and tools to be applied within geographical mobility
  • Learning agreements to be applied within organization of geographical mobility to achieve international learning outcomes
  • Summary of VISION project experience within development of staff competences


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